Brokers in Kilts and Ninja Lawyers

I have this theory.

Let’s say you have a brain injury. It’s so severe that the doctors say any hit to the head could cause some serious damage. So what do you do? You buy a bicycle helmet and wear it everywhere you go? I think you’re an idiot.

When’s the last time someone just walked up to you and whacked you on top of the head. Rarely, if at all. Ever try wearing a helmet? I guarantee you that if you wear one, somebody will bang you on the head today. Guar…an…teed.

So what does this have to do with real estate or marketing or whatever else I usually blog about?

Not much. It’s just a theory.

But, for entertainment’s sake, let’s try it as a metaphor.

When I started in real estate, I followed the typical path. Ugly headshots, typical business cards and boring website. I was doing what everyone else was doing. Why? Because it obviously works. Hundreds of REALTORS® have had very successful careers playing that role. I was trying to protect myself from failure by just following the plan. Being unremarkably normal was my bike helmet and I was sure it would just be a matter of time before I went brain dead.

So this is me, sans helmente. Leading my own little “Real Estate Revolution”, one late night blog and weird idea at a time.

Where would we be if we weren’t all a little different?

We wouldn’t have lawyers who tweet about ninjas and symphony marketing dudes that love punk and polka. We wouldn’t have the pleasure of reading about extra-marital affairs at Earls and sleeping pill induced Barbie shopping sprees.  Mortgage brokers wouldn’t wear kilts and very, very most of all, baby photographers wouldn’t grow long curly locks of hair and chase tornados. The world needs more weird.

See all you dorks, including @themarcdonald, @taroncochrane, @lisemerle, @kiltedbroker and @canadogreg at the Tweet-Up. Tuesday February 7 at Crave.

Please don’t touch my head.

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About Brin Werrett

REALTOR® Royal LePage Regina Realty. I believe it should be about you, not me. Our clients are the rockstars. I'm just here to help. Leading the Real Estate Revolution one fan at a time.

2 Responses to “Brokers in Kilts and Ninja Lawyers”

  1. Darren Sproat February 3, 2012 at 5:29 am # Reply

    Fantastic post that certainly gets the point across… be weird. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Greg but am looking forward to meeting the rest of you weirdos at the tweet up! See you Tuesday.

  2. Dan Bowman February 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm # Reply

    Brin, great post. Finding a way to be unique is critical to growth. Beige doesn’t catch the eye. You’ve done a great job of differentiating yourself from the crowd, and it’s great to see you sharing your winning strategies. Thanks!

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