Rethink: Saying Thank You

In the third post of our Rethink blog series, we tackle one of the simplest, but most important ideas behind the Real Estate Revolution and the concepts we call It’s About You, Not Me.

Sometimes as REALTORS®, we miss the mark in saying “Thank You”…but not like you think.

It’s not that we never say it. It’s that we often say it in ways that can be perceived as self-promotion.

Scroll down your facebook or twitter timeline and you’ll see a REALTOR® say something like: “Thank you Tom and Lisa! Congrats on your new home!”. Or open a Saturday newspaper in January when we celebrate our achievements and annual awards. It’s not uncommon to see a big colour ad saying “Thank you to all my clients”.

We’ve all done it.

I’m not here to say what’s right and what’s wrong. Each of us work in different ways. However, when I’ve used a public format to say thank you, I’ve often wondered how my clients and the public perceive these messages.  A public thank you seems to be less about my clients and more about me.

By definition, facebook and newspapers are meant to reach large audiences. A personal thank you card is meant to reach just one. It’s easy to see how these public thank yous can be perceived as self promotion.

For now, I’m going to stick with personal notes and phone calls.

Hopefully any public thank yous are those that come from our clients. Something more powerful than any self promotion.

About Brin Werrett

REALTOR® Royal LePage Regina Realty. I believe it should be about you, not me. Our clients are the rockstars. I'm just here to help. Leading the Real Estate Revolution one fan at a time.


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