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The REthink Audio Blog

Welcome to the REthink Audio Blog. Every once in a while, Brin Werrett and Rob Reynar sit down (often over drinks) in the Rockstar Lounge and discuss a variety of topics regarding real estate, marketing and more. No rules, no script, just an ipad and maybe a few Coors originals. From time to time, Jessica […]

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REthink – What Is Your Home Worth?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There is no magical formula that calculates the exact price your home will sell for. As REALTORS®, we can generate a ball park number based on recent comparable sales in your neighbourhood. Also, we can use some tricks of the trade and tools to do […]

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The Me Free Social Media Diet

Happy New Year! As many of us head off to to gym for the first week of the New Year (and far less of us in the weeks to come), I’ve combined my workout with a new trendy diet called the Me Free Social Media Diet. Much like your typical low carb diet, this calls for […]

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What Do You Believe?

Last week, I took part in a great little conference organized by Regina’s Strategy Lab called #awesome13 How to Awesome Online During the panel session, we took questions from the floor. A week has since past and one question still bugs be. I don’t believe the panel, including myself, did the question any justice with […]

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REthink – 4 things WE do to fuel the FSBO fire

It’s been a long time since my last post. The real estate market has been in full “Spring” mode since February and I’ve been spending very little time at my desk. However, the thoughts don’t stop when you’re busy. I finally found the time to sit down and put a few down on the keyboard. […]

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The Evolution of Social Media Sales

Before Social Media. Rewind a few years. To make a name for yourself in real estate, it was about getting your face on anything and everything. Bus benches, coffee mugs, pens, steak knifes and even urinal cakes. The theory was that the more people knew your name, the more they would think of you when […]

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The Ambulance Chaser

A month ago, a client and friend of ours lost both her parents in a sudden accident. It’s been a devastating few weeks for her and her family trying to put all the pieces back together. All her friends and family have been very generous and supportive. Amongst all the cards and gifts delivered to […]

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A&E’s Storage Wars is one of my favourite reality shows. Besides the gamble and excitement of finding hidden treasure, it’s the mix of characters that I love. The way these treasure hunters behave and interact with each other make it entertaining. Otherwise, it would just be the Antique Roadshow. No matter what industry you happen […]

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