Our Crüe

ROCKSTAR is a unique team of Royal LePage REALTORS®. We believe real estate can be better. We are leading the way in the real estate revolution. The new world of real estate provides greater value to clients, incredible customer service and has a foundation built on knowledge and experience. We believe it should be less about your agent and more about you. We treat our clients like rockstars and put them in the spotlight. We guide you through the process of buying or selling your home and make it as easy and fun as possible.

Unlike other real estate teams, you’ll likely be in contact with our whole team, not just one of us. While we each have our areas of expertise, you’ll find we each tend to help out in different stages of the transaction to make your experience as smooth as possible. You are not just the client of one of our agents. You are a client of ROCKSTAR by RLP.

Brin 2


Brin Werrett

Brin’s experience goes beyond real estate. Business student, entrepreneur and marketing consultant, he’s applied his past experiences to a fresh perspective of real estate. The brain child behind the concept of Rockstar Homes, he believes we are on the edge of a real estate revolution. Fancy suits and awards are no longer relevant. Today, real estate thrives on creativity and customer service. His passion for local art, music and sports is apparent. He loves to spotlight local artists whenever possible and currently holds the role of avid Roughrider Fan and President of the Regina Thunder Football Club.

Jess 2


 Jessica Halladay

Jessica continues to surprise strangers. It’s impossible to meet her and not like her. Her clients trust her and they know they are being taken care of. With a background in business and home improvement (and an almost-unhealthy obsession with real estate and renovation television shows), she’s very good at finding the potential in almost any property. Also, as a condo owner and board member, her knowledge lends well to clients who are choosing the condo life. Her quirky sense of humour and love of greeting cards are just more reasons why we love having her on our team.